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Security 🔐 Tips For Survival In The Campus

Chukwuebuka.NwaforChukwuebuka Nwafor
  • 29 Apr '21

With the ever-rising rate of kidnapping, banditry, cult wars and thuggery, it is not out of place for students, lecturers and other higher education stakeholders to be trained in martial arts or self-defence/survival tactics. This is to empower them to be able to prevent or repel attacks within or outside the campus.

Here are some tips on how to be security conscious in these turbulent times;

1.Know your environment: The resident should be familiar with the security threats in his or her school; know where to go and where to avoid at certain times, understand the security apparatus of the school and how to notify them of potential and real challenges. The campus residents should be aware of the evacuation plan and exit point for each building in case of emergencies.

2.Secure your self first: it is in the interest of the student to personally secure his or her personal effects. Keep your apartment, car, bags, clothes, books, etc secured. If you are living with roommate/s, make sure that everyone has their keys to the apartment. In case of fire alarm, follow the laid out procedure and exit the building immediately.

3.Report every suspicious activity: Inform the relevant authorities of all likely dubious and potentially threatening activities. These activities may range from strange movements, persons, conversation etc. Always be discreet about it to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

4.Restrict Access: Most government campuses are occupying vast hectares of land. These are usually expensive to secure by fencing. However, due to the recent spike in the number of campus kidnappings, funds should be released to build fences around all the tertiary institutions in this country. This may curtail the activities of bandits and kidnappers to some extent.

  1. Adjust your travelling schedule: Travelling and holidays are fun. However, it is no longer tenable to jet out of the campus for no tangible reasons nowadays. Campus residents should restrict the rate at which they hit the road. Travel light if it is very necessary.

  2. Learn the art of self-defence: I will like to warn you that you don't do anything stupid. It is not logical to bring a knife to a gunfight. Nevertheless, it is better to be prepared than sorry. You can join and learn some defensive and offensive skills like Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Boxing, Wrestling etc. You might just need it one day.

In summary, stay safe and avoid any situation that will expose you to unnecessary security risk.

Chukwuebuka.NwaforChukwuebuka Nwafor
  • 29 Apr '21

Feel free to add more.

obihart20Obinna Nwafor
  • 3 May '21

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